I got a report from a woman who lives in Wauchope which is a rural country town in New South Wales. She was driving up on a bridge right next to the bush in Wauchope when a large rock flew right past her car but she saw nothing. Later on she was walking her horse up that same bridge when the horse got startled by something and would not go any further.

The next report comes from Bellangry State Forest. Bellangry State Forest is just an hour away from Wauchpe but here is what the eyewitness said “After my encounter in Wauchope I became really interested. Myself and a group of friend were camping in Bellangry State Forest. Went for a walk down the creek and water rapids about 1/2 hours and whilst we were resting and fishing something from the ridge line started throwing rocks at us…. big rocks… I turned around and I just caught a glimpse of 2 long hairy arms. I didn’t see a head or body. After I started to look the rock throwing stopped. My mate didn’t see it or was in denial about it and said it was probably just a goat”