1. What got you interested in Cryptozoology and the paranormal ?

-I’ve had an interest in the unexplained as far back as I can remember. I always found myself wandering around cemeteries or the bush when I was young while my brothers were playing football or cricket. A big influence on me was a series of children’s books, which came out in the early 1980’s, called “World of the Unknown”. There were volumes on “Ghosts, Monsters and UFO’s”. I owned the “Monsters” one which was about Cryptozoological creatures like: Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Nessie the Kraken etc. I read that book so many times the pictures are tattooed into my brain and the book eventually fell apart. My primary school had the other two books, which I would read at lunchtime. If there was ever a weird or creepy place, book or movie I would instantly be attracted to it. I have been often asked what was the one thing that drew you to investigating the unexplained/paranormal the fact is there isn’t really “one” event there are many and various things. I have come to believe that there are “encounter prone personalities” people who have above average paranormal experiences, who knows I may be one of them?


  1. What is the most interesting case in Cryptozoology that intrigues you?

I think all Cryptozoological cases and creatures intrigue me. However, at the other end of the spectrum, the one that frustrates me the most is the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine). I think the reason it frustrates me is: because we had this beautiful creature, hunted it to extinction (apparently), we tried to clone the animal, which was unsuccessful then abandoned. There are also so many eye witness reports to say; it is still out there! But still no definitive evidence of it.

Makes me mad, sad and frustrated all at once.


  1. Tell us more about Bush Monsters

The idea for the Bush Monsters Show came about after some late nights at the Old George and Dragon Restaurant, which friends of mine owned and ran at East Maitland. This building itself is haunted, I believe. After the clientele would leave myself and my wife would stay back and have a few drinks and chat about the unexplained with them. We invariably got onto the subject of Yowies, Black Panthers and so forth. Gavin the more sceptical, other half of Bush Monsters, loved the show “Hunting Mountain Monsters” I thought they were insane. Therefore, we came up with the idea to make a show not quite as wacky as that one, we wanted make a show looking for Aussie Cryptids, having with fun doing it but also looking for serious evidence as well.


  1. What’s your favourite Cryptozoological Creature?

I’m not sure I have a “favourite” per se, the Yowie, is probably the creature that interests me the most. I have found some possible evidence of its existence, spoken to witnesses, but have never had an actual encounter. What is most fascinating for me about the Yowie mystery is the consistency of eye witness reports. Thousands of people cannot be making up the same story with striking resemble to other cases. Unless, they read all about them first, then decide to report them to researchers. The reports that have come from people in the military who have witnessed these creatures when out on exercises in the bush is of particular interest to me at the moment.